noimageOrange Walk Police are tonight investigating an unusual case of robbery which was reported earlier today. We understand that a Twenty-five-year-old sales agent for Scratch and Win Belize reported to police that shortly before eleven this morning while in front of his home located on Woodpecker Street in the village of Trial Farm, he was robbed by two male individuals who made off with close to thirty thousand dollars in cash. According to the individual, during the attack, one of the men hit him with a firearm before making off with his ford ranger pickup truck which had inside a total of twenty-nine thousand dollars, proceeds from the sale of scratch and win tickets.

Following this morning’s incident, reports suggest that the owner of Scratch and Win told police that the 25-year-old was to have deposited more than forty thousand dollars sometime today. He was reportedly also expected to deposit five thousand dollars last week which he allegedly did not do.

At this time, we understand that authorities are investigating this matter closely so as to corroborate the individual’s account of what transpired.

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