Fugitives from the United States for some reason seem to consider Belize a safe haven where they can hide from justice indefinitely. That may have been the case at one time when technology and communication between law enforcement officials globally weren’t as advanced as they are today. Today, Belize ranks second in the number of fugitives sent back to the US.

And tonight, 44 year old US national Thomas Donahue is behind bars in Corozal Town after Police received a tip that he was a wanted man. After an investigation during which they ascertained that Donahue was in fact wanted by the FBI, authorities visited a residence in Santa Rita and made the arrest. According to the wanted poster circulated by the FBI, Donahue is wanted in the US for possession and distribution of child pornography. On the run from a federal warrant issued for his arrest in Massachusetts, Donahue is said to have entered Belize one month ago, on March 11th.

Two weeks ago fugitive sex offender David McLain caught the attention of Orange Walk Police during an investigation into the murder of artist Isis Nassar. McLain had been observed in the company of Nassar, and during a routine background check Police discovered that he was wanted for sex crime in the US.

While McLain has already been extradited to the US to face justice, Corozal Police have informed the US Embassy about the detention of Donahue and is waiting for the fugitive to be taken off their hands.

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