The broad daylight bank robbery at the Belize Bank Limited Orange Walk Branch in March of 2004 left residents shaken, especially after a shootout between the five men who entered the bank and Orange Walk Police led to the death of one of the robbers.

Unlike the bank heist at Heritage Bank on April 5th where two men walked away with $202,000 only $51,446.42 was stolen from the Belize Bank robbery. Out of that amount $20,138 was recovered.

And tonight news is that after spending more than seven years in jail, three men charged for the Belize Bank robbery were exonerated from the charge. On Monday Israel Carpio, Timoteo Jimenez and Juan Rivas Arce appeared in the court of Justice Denis Hanomansingh in the Corozal session of the Supreme Court.

Justice Hanomansing ordered the jury to return with a not guilty verdict after caution statements made by the three men, admitting their involvement in the robbery, were not admitted as evidence since all three men alleged that the caution statements were given after they were beaten by Police.

The Prosecutor, we understand, also failed to call to the stand several Police Officers who were involved in the case. The prosecution was represented by Senior Crown Council Cecil Ramirez while the three accused were unrepresented. CTV3 News understands that the Department of Public Prosecution will review the ruling to see if there are any possibilities for an appeal.

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