corozal_policeTwo men from the Corozal District have been detained by Police after they burglarized a store at the Corozal Commercial Free Zone and tried to walk away with more than $118,000 in Mexican currency. On the 22nd of April free zone security officers were conducting their usually rounds within the zone when they discovered that Sai-Sidhi Store had been burglarized. A quick search of the area led them to 21 year old Keith Bennett of a Santa Elena Road Address in Corozal who was in possession of $9,500 in pesos.

Corozal Police were informed about the burglary and when they arrived at the zone Bennett was handed over to them. After the stores owner, Sachim Sadamand Shetty was informed about the burglary, Police discovered that a metal safe containing $78,000 pesos, a cash register containing $40,000 and other items valuing a total of BZ$2,230 had been stolen from the store. Police discovered that entry to the establishment was gained through a small ventilation window located on the southern part of the building. A further search of the area led Police to the discovery of 3 bicycles and an open but empty metal safe along with a number of caps and shirts.

Police investigations later led them to the arrest of Henry Lima, a 24 year old laborer of Halls Layout who was found in the possession $13,900 pesos. While Lima and Bennett have been charged for burglary, Police are also looking for one Zamir Vivas for questioning. It is believed that the three men entered the establishment on Good Friday while the entire zone was closed down due to the religious holiday. The burglary however was foiled after security officers discovered Bennett in the area.

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