A resident of #9 Trinidad Street in Orange Walk Town has been remanded to prison after he was unable to meet bail. On Saturday afternoon Rosa Leiva told Police that when she came out of her house she noticed that a hose was attached to the tank of her vehicle and that the fuel was being siphoned into a 5 gallon water container. She also noticed a man she identified as Miguel Urbina Jr. walking out her yard.

Minutes later, Urbina came back with a friend and took the fuel. Leiva told Police she warned him that what he was doing was wrong but Urbina took the fuel anyway.

Court action was requested and Miguel Urbina Jr. was charged for burglary. Today when he appeared at the Magistrate’s Court Miguel Urbina Jr. pled guilty to the charge. Magistrate Linden Flowers fined him $1,200 for the offense and Urbina was to have paid the monies today.

He could not meet bail, however, and was sent to prison for 12 months.

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