corozal_policeCorozal Police are currently investigating a burglary which netted the perpetrators over $8,000 dollars worth of jewelry. 62 year old Mavis Myvett told Police that between 10:00am on Saturday and 7:45am on Sunday two of her bedrooms were ransacked.

Stolen from both rooms was an assortment of jewelry. The assortment includes five gold earrings valued at $1,500, one diamond ring valued at $3,000, five gold chains valued at $868, 12 pairs of gold-plated earrings valued at $300, six bracelets valued at $460, three Casio brand watches and one Citizen watch valued at $770. In addition, taken from the premises were a 32 inch flat screen TV and two gallons of whiskey. All losses total $8,828.

At the time of the incident Myvetts husband Faustino was in the home, but he could not provide investigators with much information since he suffers from Alzheimers.

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