police_corozalWhile Ramirez, Habet and Tzul wait to be prosecuted in the Mexican Courts, here in Belize one from the Village of Sarteneja has been charged for dangerous harm and deadly means of harm. Forty two year old Romaldo Catzim was arrested and charged after he shot 29 year old Belizean Fisherman of Sarteneja Village Darwin Ortega.

Reports are that yesterday at about 1:00am Catzim and one Darwin Ortega became engaged in a fist fight. Fifty year old Indalicio Ortega, Darwin’s father arrived at the scene and separated the fight. As he pushed his son away he heard Catzim mention that he will go and get his shotgun to shoot both of them.

As Ortega continued pushing his son, he heard a clicking sound coming from behind, this was followed by a gunshot. As Ortega turned around he saw Catzim reloading a 16 gauge shotgun. At that time, he ran towards Catzim and a struggled ensued between. Ortega managed to take away the shot gun from Catzim but not before his son got injured on the right foot.

Darwin was rushed to the Corozal Community Hospital where he is presently under stable condition.

Romaldo Catzim was arrested and charged for dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm with a firearm. The shotgun is being held as exhibit. 

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