Screen_Shot_2014-04-29_at_7.47.35_PM In last night’s newscast we presented the story on the fight that broke out at Shipyard on Tuesday April 22nd and which resulted in the arrest of Franz Petkau, a resident of the community. Petkau has been slapped with five charges. Today CTV-3 News spoke with Second in Command at the Orange Walk Police Formation Selvyn Tillett who gave us the report on police records.

Selvyn Tillett

“There was one Henry Petka and Abram riding their carriage and arriving in front of the Petka family one George Petka started insulting them and thereafter it is understood that he went to his yard and took a machete and assault these people and subdued and machete taken away from him and when he called for his dad he came driving with his pickup with his shotgun and fired a shot.  Henry Petka receive a braced to the right cheek, he was dealt with and after investigation police arrested and charged Mr Franz Petka for discharging a fire arm in public, repeated assault with a firearm, having a firearm whilst under the influence, drove motor vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol and he was taken to the court on Friday and he was remanded until the 21st of May.”

The police continue their investigations into the incident. While the allegations by the Petkau family and others are that the fight was started by another group of men, and that the family has been continuously harassed within the community, authorities says the family is no known to police.

Selvyn Tillett

“They are no strangers to the police and their names have been called in more than one occasion regarding the saddled behaviour and many at times the community leaders get involve to trying to resolve the situation and when they see it is too much they get the policeman involve and the police are doing what they need to do.”

Again, the group we interviewed on Monday says that it has been the leaders of the community who have ensured that the family name and members appear as the troublemakers.

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