Screen_Shot_2014-05-05_at_8.37.14_PMReports coming out of “El Por Esto”, a Mexican Newspaper in Quinatana Roo Mexico indicates that a sixteen year old Belizean was allegedly being held against her will in Felipe Carrillo Puerto Quintana Roo.

The newspaper states that authorities were on mobile patrol on 68 Street on Colonia Jesús Martinez Ross, when their attention was drawn to a vehicle that was parked in the dark and two persons where inside arguing.

Both police officers approached the vehicle and questioned the driver who was identified as 53 year old Miguel Angel Manzanero Cocom, if everything was ok. But before Cocom could respond his female companion told authorities that she was being verbally and physically abused.

The newspaper reports that the 16 year old, whose name was not released due to her age, but her initials are D.M.G, told authorities that she was being hit by Cocom who was forcing her to get out of the vehicle.


She also reported that she is in the country illegally and that she has been in a relationship with Cocom for the past seven months and all that she wanted was to return to her country Belize. Cocom was detained pending investigations.

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