nopicTwo men from the Corozal District have been charged by police for possession of controlled drugs. They are 19 year old Moises Puck, Belizean sales clerk of Paraiso Village and Roque Ricardo Santana 35 year old Belizean maintenance worker also of Paraiso Village.


Their arrest stems as a result of a search police conducted at a residence located in the village around 9:00 last night. Police say when they arrived close to the Pimento house the strong aroma of cannabis caught their attention. As they got closer to the residence a group of young men ran out of the yard. But Santana and Puck remained behind and police searched the residence for drugs and firearms. While nothing incriminating was found inside the house, police did find a transparent plastic bag containing suspected cannabis, inside the outdoor bathroom in an old toilet seat.


The drugs amounted to 26.6 grams. As a result Puck and Santana were arrested and charged for the offence of possession of controlled drugs. This morning when they appeared in court they both pleaded not guilty to the charge and were offered bail at $2000 each and a surety of the same amount. They are scheduled to return to court on August 6th 2014.

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