There are two updates to report on from robberies that occurred in late August and over the weekend. Authorities in Orange Walk Town say the first, which occurred on Thursday August 28th, has pointed them to the alleged perpetrator and he has been arrested and charged. Officer Commanding the Orange Walk Police Formation, Inspector Selvin Tillett, says this was all done based on surveillance footage from the store.

Screen_Shot_2014-09-15_at_7.54.07_PMInspector, Selvin Tillette – Deputy Commander, OW Police

“At about 9:22pm, one Chinese businessman of 126 Belize/Corozal road, Orange Walk Town reported that about 7:30 on the same date he was at his shop along with his wife when he saw two male persons of Hispanic decent came by the door, one of them had a hand gun and the other had a knife, the male person with the hand gun pointed the gun at them and demanded money and went into the cash drawer and they took three hundred dollars of different denomination and both left the area on bicycles, police visited the scene and carry out an investigation and on the 13th day of September made the arrest of one Jose Estelito Orellano 21 years a Belizean labourer of Mopan Street Orange Walk town for the crime of robbery and we are still seeking on another person in relation to this incident.”

Orellana’s family told us outside the police station today that they can provide an alibi which will reveal that he is being wrongly accused for a crime he didn’t commit. Meanwhile, police maintain that the court will decide his fate and that they (the Police) act based on intelligence and information received.

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