Screen_Shot_2015-03-16_at_7.56.56_PMAnd while police successfully closed that case with an arrest, on Saturday Corozal police were investigating yet another traffic mishap. According to authorities, about 7:30 on Saturday night, acting upon information received, Corozal Police visited an area between miles 79 & 80 on the Phillip Goldson Highway within San Joaquin Village where on arrival officers saw a White Truck in a stationary position on the right lane of the highway with its front facing a south direction, when traveling a north to south direction. Officers also observed what appeared to be blood stains on the right lane of the road in front of the white truck. Initial investigations revealed that the white truck was traveling a north to south direction on the highway and was being driven at the time by 55 year old Daniel Perez, Belizean driver of Mamey Street, Trial Farm Village. Upon reaching an area between miles 79 & 80 in San Joaquin Village a Hispanic male namely 27 year old Aquilino Moh, Belizean resident of Calcutta Village ran from an east to west direction across the street, as a result the driver applied his brakes but nevertheless the white truck could not come to a halt in time and ended up running into Moh. The impact caused Moh to fall onto the pavement and sustained injuries to his head and a wound to his left foot.

Aquilino Moh was transported to the Corozal Community Hospital via ambulance for medical attention then to the Northern Regional Hospital. Moh is presently in a critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City. Police have since issued the driver with a Notice of Intended Prosecution.

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