IMG-20150409-0607237 year old Angel Torres who was convicted of assaulting his brother was found guilty and sentenced to spend time at the Central Prison. And this afternoon around 1:45pm as he and other prisoners were being transported to spend day one of their sentences at the Central Prison; Torres made a break for freedom and jumped from the pan of the police mobile. Authorities have confirmed that Torres made the mad dash as the police truck was passing the Toll Bridge speed bump. After police were alerted of his escape they pursued him but he took made a mad dash into the bushes and swam across a pond that connects to the New River. It is alleged that police fired two shots in his direction as he swam across but their efforts to subdue him were futile. As of news time, police were actively engaged in a man-hunt for Torres but their efforts have been to no avail. Police could not furnish us with a picture of Torres but ask that anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call the police station. The public is reminded that harbouring a wanted prisoner is illegal and punishable by law. More on this story as it develops.

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