Complaints of the excessive use of force by officers of the Orange Walk Police Department are regularly aired in our newscasts. Tonight, there are two allegations to add to the growing list. In the first instance, Samantha Carlos told us that over the weekend her encounter with the police was not a friendly one as the officers were too aggressive. Carlos alleges that while she and some family members were in the process of getting their vehicle towed from Corozal to Orange Walk, they experienced a small hiccup with the tow chain bursting and one of the occupants getting hurt. With the assistance of villagers from San Jose the chain was reattached, and the journey to Orange Walk resumed. That is when the situation got out of control, says Carlos.

Screen_Shot_2015-07-28_at_8.20.45_PMSAMANTHA CARLOS – Alleges Police Abuse

“We were coming from Corozal and we have had an engine failure and a kind Samaritan offered assistance and we were being towed and at the bump the rope burst and it gave the pick up a sudden jerk and my little brother who was sitting down had a little accident and we got out to try to assist him as best as we can and I wasn’t driving any vehicle upon inspecting the injures I realize that he needed to seek medical attention at the hospital so insisted that we drive to the hospital but at this time it was like chaos around the village and people were assuming that I had had involving in a hit and run which it was impossible which I said I wasn’t driving and I got into the vehicle which was towing us and I told everybody to come in because the situation to me it seemed everybody though it would have gotten worst if I had not moved quickly for the medical attention so we were towing this truck to Orange Walk and we were going about 25 to 30 miles because the view was lighter than the truck that we were towing putting a strain on the vehicle after passing by Mr. Dony’s farm at the stretch a dark area I noticed from the mirror that it was the police behind me I had no worry in the world because I hadn’t committed any crime so I assumed that they were being called back to base so I thought they were going to fly pass us so I was at my speed when I heard bam and I duck in the vehicle and the children started crying and the adults and the females that were in the vehicle they started to panic and wanted to know what was going on and they looked at the back and they saw the police vehicle coming from behind the towed truck approaching my driver side and when I looked at the side I saw the police mobile with two officers in the front and three at the back and the three at the back pointing the guns at me and I believe one of them had a hand gun and the other two had a shot gun and they had the shot gun cramp at the side of my window while we drove parallel toward Orange Walk, PC Marroquin was sitting at the passenger side and he was screaming at the top of his voice to stop the vehicle and to pull over and I told him that I cannot stop abruptly because I am towing a vehicle and they turned the mobile in front of the vehicle while I was still driving on the highway.”

Our checks with the Orange Walk police revealed that officials are investigating the complaint. We are told that the case is an “isolated incident” and four officers are being investigated. As to the shots fired, the police version was that they fired but in the “air” and so it leaves us with the impression that it was “justified”. We’ll keep monitoring this story closely.

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