Johny-Netty-Lopez-of-ranchito-village-accused-of-theft-of-panty-on-remand-282x300Two women from the north are tonight behind bars after they were accused of stealing more than 200 underwear from a store on Orange Street in Belize City. Reports are that on Tuesday 35 year old Donela Smith from Orange Walk Town and 26 year old Johny Netty Lopez, a resident of Ranchito Village, Corozal District were captured on surveillance camera stealing 150 assorted adults underwear valued at $1,050.00 along with 75 assorted children underwear valued at $187.50 belonging to Ingrid Perez, businesswoman and owner of Siloe Store located on Orange Street, Belize City. A report was made to police after the women left and the video footage was handed over to the cops for evidence.

When the two women were taken to the police station, Perez and one of her employees were able to positively identify the women as the two who entered the store and stole the panties. After viewing the video footage, police visited the bus terminal and detained both women who fit the description of the alleged thieves caught on camera.

Today both Smith and Lopez were arraigned before Senior Magistrate, Sharon Fraser, for a single charge of theft. Initially both women pleaded not guilty to the charge. When Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser explain to the women that the evidence before the court is very strong against them and that they should consider their plea before entering one, Smith changed her plea to guilty, then quickly changed it back to not guilty.

Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser denied the women bail and remanded them into custody at the Belize Central Prison until January 28, 2015.

Court reports indicate that around noon today, the women sought the advice of an attorney and wanted to change their not guilty plea to guilty but were unsuccessful in getting the matter to be heard once again.

Donaela-Smith-accused-of-theft-of-pantyThe women attained the services of attorney Oscar Selgado who indicated the matter will be dealt with on Monday, November 23, 2015, when Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith, will be in court.

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