12795264_1243373482359437_1122363912278455638_n1Two Belizean men said to be from the Corozal District were arrested yesterday In Chetumal Quintana Roo in the community of UCUM by elements of the State Police after they were found in possession of several bales of clothing suspected to hail from the from the Corozal Commercial Free Zone.

According to reports published by Diario Respuesta, authorities were on routine patrol when they noticed two individuals who were traveling aboard a red Toyota minivan, with licence plates CZL D-00524, behaving suspiciously.

The individuals identified as 36 year old Christopher Cano from Concepcion Village in Corozal and 32 year old Cesar Campos Gonzalez of San Victor Village also of Corozal, were asked to stop the vehicle but instead of coming to a halt they tried to flee. Authorities however, managed to catch up with them and a search of the vehicle led them to three bales of clothing for which the individuals could not provide a receipt of purchase or any document to prove the legal entry of the clothing.

Even though the men argued that the vehicle served as a taxi and they were paid to transport the bales of clothing to the bank of the Rio Hondo, they were detained and taken to the Secretaria de Seguridad Publica for processing.

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