noimageThis weekend marked the final round of village council elections and here in Orange Walk four villages took part in the final round….Indian Church, San Carlos, San Estevan and San Felipe where the people elected a spilt council formed by a P.U.P chairman, three P.U.P and three UDP councilors.

Although things appeared to have ran smoothly in most villages, reports indicate that in San Felipe tensions ran high as an altercation allegedly broke out between supporters of both major parties after the official results were announced.

According to reports, a crowd of PUP supports were taking part in a parade through the village…celebrating the victory…when they were stopped by UDP supporters from entering the park located in the center of the village.

Reports are that during the altercation a well know supporter of the United Democratic Party drew his weapon and fired three shots in the air among the large group.

Today when we contacted Officer Commanding the Orange Walk police formation, Superintendent Selvin Tillett, we were informed that police responded to the report of someone discharging a firearm in public and proceeded to disassemble the crowd but while investigations are being carried out an official report is yet to be made.

We understand that the individual who allegedly fired his weapon is well connected as he is a strong supporter of the United Democratic Party.

As it pertains to an official report…it is expected to be made tomorrow. Of note is that during the last general elections that took place in November of last year a close affiliate and supporter of Minister John Saldivar also fired his weapon into the air among a large crowd. The man was immediately detained by police officers on the scene however, his detention did not last very long as it is alleged that Saldivar commanded the officers to release him. No subsequent legal action was taken against the alleged shooter.

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