18600511_10155455791266929_604189534_nThis morning the two men sought by Corozal Police in relation to the kidnapping and assault of three men in Ranchito Village that occurred earlier this month, turned themselves into Police.

We understand the men, Brian Espinoza and Jeffrey Gongora, walked into the station with an attorney.

Espinoza and Gongora are accused of abducting Corozal businessman Eder Hall, his brother Eliazar Hall and Emir Rosado. The three men had travelled to Ranchito Village with the intention of purchasing a vehicle when the supposed car salesman and suspected ring leader, Gongora, suggested that they meet at the abandoned lagoon road. When they arrived at the location, the Halls and Rosado were ambushed by four men carrying high-powered weapons. Two of them were forced in the trunk of their own car, while Eder Hall was told to sit in the back seat as the men drove saying they would kill them and throw their bodies in the river in Libertad. The men were all able to escape eventually.

On May 8th, the Police charged 45 year old Elio Lopez and 23 year old Jason Espinoza with 3 counts of kidnapping and 3 counts of robbery. The men are on remand until August 8th.

Police are preparing their case file against Gongora and Espinoza who are expected to be charged tomorrow. We’ll have an update in tomorrow’s newscast.

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