School_broken_into_pic_3Police have detained a man and his son, a minor, after they were caught leaving the Mary Hill R.C. School compound in San Andres Village in the Corozal District last Wednesday. While you may think maybe they went for a PTA meeting, the duo was actually seen leaving the compound about 3 in the morning with a load of equipment in their hands. A Police patrol in the area stopped them and noticed that in hand they had laptops, projectors and other equipment, which authorities later realised was loot from a burglary they had committed at the school. Today we spoke to the acting-Principal at the school to find out how the burglars struck.

Guillermo Pech - Acting Principal

“We got a call at around three o’clock in the morning from the police station stating that they received information about a laptop that they found in the hands of a young boy and they wanted me to verify whether is coming from the school so I went to the station and there I realized that a lot of our equipment was in the police station so after that, after verifying that it was ours basically projectors and electronics from the school, laptops and all of those things then we proceeded to come here in the office and this is when we realized that the burglar bars were cut and that is how they manage to bring down the louvers and from there they went inside the office everything was in the floor and they manage to take everything but luckily according to the police the culprits were coming out from the compound they were passing by and they manage to get the young boy and that is how they manage to get and we manage to get everything back the following day. Basically we had about five laptops they took away, four projectors and all the accessories, they took all the small change that we had and also some tools and the value was approximately nine thousand five hundred fifty six. Basically these were donations and fundraisings that we use to get all these things for the school.”

According to Pech, the Police Patrol’s timing was divine intervention and they are grateful authorities were able to prevent what would have undoubtedly been a disaster for them.

Guillermo Pech, - Acting Principal

“It would have set us back many years behind because all of these things were from the hard work of our parents and the community and donations from organizations around Corozal so we were very lucky to get it back and I guess god was here. Basically am asking the community and the parents from San Andres to be on the lookout and to always keep an eye to our compound, it’s a big compound and it is very hard for the neighbors to hear and to see what is going inside the compound but basically am asking because this is not the only school there has been other schools that has been burglarized that if they are selling things and if you know that is very cheap obviously it is stolen good to please don’t buy those things from them, it is a fourteen year old and his dad so it’s even more shocking because it is father and son doing whole thing when I think it is parents supposed to be setting the example to our young generation and obviously this is not happening in this case so am asking the community to please be on the lookout for these things.”


The man and the minor have been charged for the burglary.

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