19718518_10155470139354347_1264975434_oInformation to CTV-3 News is that 33 year old Arturo Tzul, who was sought by Corozal Police in relation to the chopping murder of 20 year old Amilcar Omar Morales Gonzalez and the wounding of 21 year old Doniver Ruano, turned himself into authorities over the weekend and was charged for one count of murder yesterday.

The incident occurred early in the morning five days ago in San Joaquin Village. The three men engaged in a fight and Tzul, who was armed with a machete, chopped Gonzalez, and seriously injured Ruano.

The authorities believe that the altercation between Gonzalez and Tzul involved a young lady who lives in the community. That young lady had a previous relationship with Gonzalez.

Tzul was considered a fugitive for several days, and the Police believed he may have escaped across to the Mexican side, since he had just returned to the village several weeks ago after having reportedly served 14 years in prison there.

We suspect that Tzul will be brought to the Orange Walk’s Magistrate Court where he will be formally arraigned on the charges.

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