MEXICAN_DRUG_BUST_1Since the beginning of this week, we have been reporting about the discovery of 1,578 grams of cannabis which was found by police inside a Chetumal taxi cab that was stopped and searched at the Santa Elena border area over the weekend, in which the driver 55 year old Jorge Anzures Alfaro of Mexican nationality and 22 year old Belizean Jermaine Sanker were arrested and charged for the crime of drug trafficking.

This latest incident has prompted the Embassy of Mexico in Belize to issue an advisory alerting the drivers of public transportation in Quintana Roo to take precautions with passengers who intend to use their services in order to take them to Belizean territory, including taking them to the Customs Checkpoint area.

Therefore, the Embassy of Mexico in Belize recommends and strongly advises the drivers of public transportation to desist from taking their clients beyond the border line and instead to drop them off at the Mexican customs located near the "old bridge" or Subteniente López. They are advised to avoid entering the Commercial Free Zone area which falls under Belizean territory leaving the passengers or clients to continue their journey either by foot or by Belizean transport.

The Mexican Embassy is of the position that by doing this, the taxi drivers will avoid becoming victims of the illicit conduct of their passengers, being tried and sentenced to a sentence in a foreign country.

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