DwayneA postmortem conducted on the body of thirty year old Dwayne Almendarez today concluded that he died as a result of acute cardiorespiratory failure, severe pulmonary edema and saddle pulmonary thromboembolism due to gunshot wounds to the body.

Almendarez was shot three times to the body- one to the left chest, one to the abdomen and once to the thigh by a customs officer on Tuesday of last week during a violent confrontation in Yo Creek village. As we initially reported last week the incident transpired while Customs supported by BDF officials conducted a search on a passenger bus where officials attempted to confiscate un-customed goods from passengers on board. An altercation then reportedly ensued between officials and a group of individuals including Almendarez. During the altercation Almendarez reportedly physically attacked one of the customs, who responded by firing a warning shot in the air. Almendarez allegedly did not cease his attack and the officer fearing for his life fired three more shots but this time at Almendarez.

Today while the name of the customs officer who fired the shots at Almendarez has not been released by police, we understand that authorities are awaiting directives from the office of the DPP on how to move forward on this case.

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