Screen_Shot_2017-10-25_at_8.14.51_PMLast week we reported that Orange Walk Police detained one individual for questioning in connection to an armed robbery which occurred on the night of Wednesday October 18th in the Black Water Creek area of Trial Farm Village. But while there was no evidence for charges to be levied upon the said individual, he was later released from police custody. However, tonight we can report that authorities have detained a second person who they believe is associated with the crime.

Viewers may recall that on the night of the robbery which was captured on surveillance camera, two male persons of Hispanic descent, one of them armed with a hand gun, rode up to Tan Store and then entered the establishment at 7:03 p.m. demanding money. One of the individual’s dressed in a white hoodie and a mask proceeded to take the money from the cash register along with an IPhone 7 which was placed inside a large bag, while the second individual held owner of the store, fifty five year old Ziguan Tan at gunpoint.

Additional reports indicate that just before exiting the store, one of the assailants proceeded to search Tan and seized his licensed 9mm pistol. Both men then made good their escape with more than $3,000 including both cash and cellular phones. We understand that the IPhone 7 valued at $1,800 was subsequently recovered by the owners via GPS.

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