Screen_Shot_2018-02-13_at_7.59.36_PMThe motionless body of a Belizean national was discovered across the neighbouring border at Melchor de Mencos which connects Belize to Guatemala. Reports indicate that thirty two year old Samuel de Jesus Sosa Aguirre was socializing at a bar in Melchor when he was gunned down sometime after 10:00 last night. While details surrounding Sosa’s death remain sketchy at this point in time, eyewitnesses reported to Guatemalan authorities that the person responsible for firing the shots that led to Sosa’s demise, is an individual known to them as ‘El Gordo’.


While ‘El Gordo’ has not yet been located by police, additional reports state that earlier today Guatemalan authorities have taken Mayra Veronica Aldana into custody following reports from witnesses that she had been in the company of the alleged shooter. During her apprehension, Aldana was seen in a white Toyota car and reports further state that she was found in the possession of a cell phone which was hidden in her genitals. Two semi-destroyed phone chips were also reportedly discovered in Aldana’s mouth.


Guatemalan authorities are currently investigating the matter.

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