showmantrialThe five men who are on trial for allegedly plotting to kill businessman, Jose Shoman, and his family were back in court for the umpteenth time.  This morning, Justice Adolph Lucas instructed the nine member jury to acquit Eswin Rozalez, Carlos Juarez and Jose Cordova of two counts each of Kept Firearm and Kept Ammunition without a Gun License.  Those charges were for a point thirty-eight special P.M.C. brand revolver and a point twenty-two L.R. caliber firearm along with respective ammunition, which the men were allegedly busted with on December thirteenth, 2008.

he other two accused men, Miguel Mayorga and Cesar Aldana, are still facing charges for the weapons, while a sixth suspect, Francisco “Pancho” Martinez absconded to Mexico after being released on bail in September 2009.  The five men are also charged with Conspiracy to Commit Murder and Conspiracy to Commit Robbery. It is alleged that the men met at Mayorga’s house to discuss their plot to kill Shoman and his family.

They intended to hold them hostage inside their Northern Highway house, rob them and cut their throats. But the blood bath was foiled when Shoman and the police were alerted by an employee, Alex Miranda, who was allegedly asked to assist the men to gain entry to the property. The suspects were found in possession of a knife, two guns, a mask and other items that cops believe would have been used in the crime.  Judge Lucas is expected to sum up the case tomorrow.

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