Volunteers from Kentucky in the USA are here in Belize in what they call the PrayingPelican Mission. The mission started in the US when the team of volunteers formed to aid out Hurricane Katrina victims.

Two years after the group focused to help their own community and it was there that the idea to become international volunteers came about.

This week they arrived in Belize the first stop in their international volunteer work. The Praying Pelican Mission has been in San Roman Village earlier this week and today they were at La Inmaculada RC School. Sharlet Bumpker is heading the team and she told us more about it.

sharletSharlet Bumpker- Pelican Mission

“We are visiting another school we have been in San Roman this week and we have also been to La Inmaculada. We do service project starting this week and we are also working in some homes so we are helping the community along with schools also.”

The group consists of 54 members. They all divide themselves to entertain the students in sporting activities and Bible school. One of the main highlights of entertainment is the fire joggling.

Sharlet Bumpker- Pelican Mission

“Tomorrow will be our last night but we will have a Sports Ministry for one hour and then we will have a vocation Bible School. Tonight we are doing juggling we have some boys that do juggling with fire, clubs, rings and crystal sticks and then tomorrow night we end with Christian magic show. We will have this to make the kids remember the love of Christ and use the visual aids of magic to help them remember the story of Christ.”

Being the first volunteer experience outside the US the group plans to come back again and continue with the initiative. Bumpker told us that she and her team mates have found this a very rewarding experience.

Sharlet Bumpker- Pelican Mission

“We are loving the children and they seem to like us too, they are very sweet, very polite just very welcoming to us. It is great we have four great dance sessions, we have a craft centre and we have a music and game centre, then we have a skit and we end with something fun. Last night we had rocket balloons and they shot up in the air and tonight it will be the juggling so we hope they will stay and find interest in that.”

The group plans to go back home by the end of the week.

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