Screen_Shot_2014-09-17_at_8.05.15_PMAccused murderers twenty-two year old Noe Daniel Gonzalez, twenty-eight year old Mateo Pott and nineteen year old Angel Antonio Cardenas were escorted back to Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court this morning.


Since the much sensationalized incident occurred, the trio have been charged of kidnapping and murder of 71 year old Ramon Cervantes Sr which occurred on July 2nd. Other charges on their rap sheet include firearm offences for a twelve gauge shotgun and five shotgun shells. Noe Gonzalez, Mateo Pott and Angel Antonio Cardenas were taken to the Belize Central Prison this afternoon. They are to reappear in Court on October 28th, 2014.

Interesting to note is that shortly after the men were accused of killing Cervantes, they had confessed to have kidnapped and killed 46 year old Sonia Maribel Abac who was believed to have been abducted on April 23rd. Abac’s decomposed remains were dugged up from a 12ft deep well in a farm adjacent to where Cervantes’s body was found. To date, police have not charged anyone with that incident.

The alleged ring leader, 37 year old Manuel Castillo also appears on the charge sheet but since the incident unfolded he has absconded police and is believed have fled to neighbouring Mexico or Guatemala along with his common-law-wife Avicelie Duran.

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