10432109_747324895320675_2257169069976351103_nOn February 4th 2015 the leader of the People’s United Party, Honorable John Briceno was charged for Negligent Harm, Failure to Report an Accident and Driving a Vehicle Without Due Care and Attention resulting from allegations made by Christopher Hendricks, the driver of former Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega.


That case went back to the Orange Walk Magistrates Court today and was thrown out by Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith. According to the court file the prosecution’s witnesses did not appear in court much less the claimant and as such Chief Magistrate Smith dismissed the charges against Briceno.

Viewers might recall that on January 22nd 2015, Hendricks alleged that Briceno, who was attending the inauguration of the Yo Creek and Trinidad Road was driving his gold Toyota Land Cruiser Prado when he ran over his feet. In his defense Briceno stated that he asked a group of men to make way for him to drive pass, all did except for Hendricks. When he didn’t, Briceño says that he had a discussion with Hendricks as to why he refused to move and that he then continued on his way.

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