fuelTwo days ago fuel prices skyrocketed again, and in the case of premium gasoline it passed the $12.00 mark. With the new increases which came into effect at midnight on April 12th, the price for a gallon of premium gasoline went from $11.57 to $12.21 while regular gasoline now sells for $11.57 as it increased by 50 cents. Diesel increased by 55 cents and presently sells for $11.05.

Belizeans are no doubt feeling the pinch, but while regular consumers have the option of parking their vehicles and pulling out their bicycles or just walking, the same cannot be said for taxi drivers and those in the freight business. At this present time when fuel prices are higher than ever, taxi drivers are contemplating increasing their fares. Today we were told that the decision to increase fares will be taken after each union meets with their members.

Across from the Fort Cairns Market Plaza, a few men working in the freight business wait patiently for a customer to arrive. They have also been affected by the fuel increase. So far they have been absorbing the cost of the fuel increase instead of passing it on to their customers, but if the hike continues that same old song just won’t cut it.

Manuel Enriquez- Freighting Business

“Nosotros hacemos fletes aca en el Mercado.”

Carmelita Perez- Reporter

Le a afectado a usted al ver que el precio de combustible subio?”

fuel1Manuel Enriquez- Freighting Business

“Si afecta claro que si porque nosotros no podemos subir el precio porque lo basico a afectado porque nosotros dependemos mucho de los agricultores y la agricultura a disminuido por el invierno que no fue muy bueno y ahora que sube el combustible.”

Carmelita Perez- Reporter

“Usted a tenido que absorber el precio para no pasarlo a sus clients?”

Manuel Esquivel

“La cosa es que como vemos la economia de nuestros clientes nosotros trabajamos con menonas y su cosecha de ellos fue bien malo este ano, entonces los poquitos que salen es poca su entrada de dinero que tienen. Lo balanceamos lo tratamos de abosorber nosotors.”

Bus owners are also taking a licking, but unlike taxi drivers they cannot increase fees without approval by the Ministry of Transport. When we spoke to some bus operators off camera today we were informed that a letter would be sent to the Ministry of Transport requesting the increase in bus fares as a result of the fuel increases.

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