tbEarlier in our newscast we touched on Town Council finances, and on Tuesday we took a look at the profit and loss statement for the month of May. As weve told you before, personal emoluments including salaries, wages, allowances and vacation grants make up the lions share of the expenses of the Council $102,161.76 of the $165,357.78 collected by the Council in May.

In fact, the Council seems to spend money on everything but what it has been mandated to do in Orange Walk Town.

Take a look at these figures  

Heres $1000 spent on transport allowance and subsistence.

And this one a whopping $2,897.99 spent on uniforms. Now as far as we know Town Council workers dont have uniforms, so we have to assume almost $3000 in one month was spent to outfit the seven members of the office staff.

And then theres $550 spent on entertainment, but no details provided as to who was entertained at taxpayers expense.

And heres a strange one - $1624.35 for a Christmas/New Years Fest…five months after Christmas and New Years.

And $2909.19 spent on promotion and advertisement, but no information as to what was being advertised and promoted.

With all that money spent on things like entertainment, a Christmas Fest and uniforms, we point out the figures which really matter….

The Council spent $270 to maintain parks and playgrounds…

$47.25 to maintain the market and

$108 to maintain drains and culverts

If the picture of a hopelessly mismanaged Council is still not clear, tune in early next week, as we take a look at the Councils finances for the month of April.

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