Screen_Shot_2014-01-28_at_8.21.59_PMThe struggle continues for farmers as they try to salvage whatever crop they have left following the incessant rains that fell over the last few weeks. The most affected in the north have been onion farmers. In the most recent update to their situation, CTV-3 News understands that out of the thirteen point five acres that had been planted for this crop, only about three were spared.


The remaining acreages were destroyed by the rains. According to official reports, from the remaining three acres, farmers are expecting to harvest around fifty thousand pounds of onions. According to officials, this is not even twenty percent of their projected production for this year. That onion will be harvest between the next two weeks. Preparations are also underway to import onions to supply the demand. We understand that the price of onions will remain unaffected. Onion farmers have replanted and are expecting to harvest another crop in March this year.

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