Screen_Shot_2014-01-31_at_8.32.44_PMEarly this morning, the Belize sugar factory suffered a small hiccup that caused a delay in the delivery of cane to the mill. Factory manager, John Gillete told us over the phone that they have been working out the kinks on a new piece of equipment that was commissioned.

John Gillette - Factory Manager

“We are almost over that problem right now, and that is what I was working all morning.”

Maria Novelo – Reporter

“Ok so we soon shall see the normal flow of deliveries coming in again?”

John Gillette - Factory Manager

“But we are getting normal flow, what is holding up the delivery is that we far too many truck with straps, those trucks that come with straps we have to use the dumping table and the dumping table can only fill the mill directly, so if the trucks would bring chain and this we will say it again the truck that bring chain we could offload the cane and they get it in pier but it is 7400 tons, the reason why we overlap a little bit is because they have too many straps and not many chains which they could pack in the yard.”

As of press time, the glitches were fixed and the pace of the cane delivery normalized.

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