police_corozalCorozal authorities made a major drug bust in Village of Xaibe over the Baron Bliss holiday weekend. While many enjoyed quality time with their families, authorities in that municipality report that in the wee hours of Sunday morning, equipped with a search warrant approached the residence of 66 year old Gregorio Villamil Sr. where on arrival they encountered two houses on the same lot.


Two of which would reveal illicit activities occurring. Police searched inside a Pimenta house with zinc roof and present at the time were Roberto Rodrigo Villamil, Francisco Aguilar Jr. and Luis Angel Villamil. The search led to the discovery of (1) corn chips plastic bag containing green leafy vegetable substance and (1) piece of paper containing within green leafy vegetable substance suspected cannabis.


At the station the drugs were weighed and amounted to 61.7grams. The trio were subsequently arrested and charged for the offence of Drug Trafficking.

After that discovery, the authorities conducted a search on the premises for firearms and drugs at the same residence. In a room located on the right side of the said premises, police found a black in color plastic bag containing loose green vegetable substance suspected to be cannabis along with (21) pieces of white paper each containing green leafy vegetable substance suspected to be cannabis on top of some clothes which was on top of the drawer.


The drugs were weighed which amounted to 436.6 grams. Present at the time was Gregorio Villamil and 46 year old Leanna Villamil who were jointly arrested and charged with drug trafficking.

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