OW_Town_Council_donation_2The Orange Walk Town Council has publicly announced that they are prioritizing on improving the infrastructure in town but this morning they diverted from this focus, just for a little, to make a significant contribution to Saint Peter’s Anglican School. Mayor Kevin Bernard and Deputy Mayor Ian Cal visited the school before the students left for their fun run event. During the visit Cal handed over a check to the school’s Principal that will go towards the schools feeding program.


Ian Cal – Deputy Mayor

“We as a council believe that it is important to give back to the community after all the monies that we receive and the council is for the people if Orange Walk and there are some that say that the children are the future and we believe that the future is now, we must start now with the young people. This donation particularly is coming from our stipend that we get so each councillor decided to give back a hundred dollars from their stipend and even the town administrator decided to give back and that is how we came out with a thousand dollars that we gave back to this feeding program.”


Dalila Ical – Reporter


“Is this something that we will see happening often with the council?”


Ian Cal – Deputy Mayor


“Yes we are aware that there are other schools have feeding programs as well like La Inmaculada School and we are hoping to engage La Inmaculada school as well to see how we can help out the feeding program in that area, we know that the feeding program is very important. A lot of students go to school having nothing to eat in the mornings and that is the most important part of the day, if you going hungry you won’t focus on school work and as a council we saw the need to help as well.”


The donation came as a surprise to Principal Rosanna Briceno who said the check could not have come at a better time as the school has been on an indefinite campaign to raise money to fund the feeding program that caters for fifty-five students. Briceno says they aim at giving the students nothing less than a well-balanced meal.


Rosanna Briceno – School Principal

“That’s my policy if I can’t eat it then nobody else could eat it am sorry, it has to be edible, it has to be nutritious filled, based and good, kids are fussy and you can’t just give them anything in front of them and expect that they will eat it up no not because you are hungry you are going to give them anything you give them good food, healthy food and that has been our and so maybe it cost us a little bit more to feed these kids but yes that thousand dollars will go a long way and we are very, very grateful.”


According to Briceno, it takes about one thousand dollars a month to properly feed fifty-five children daily. Any donations and contributions towards the program are welcome.

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