undocumented_people_2Over the past weeks Mexican Newspapers have been reporting on a number of cases that are being linked to human trafficking. First it was the alleged kidnapping of two 8 year old girls from Sabidos Quintana Roo, a small Mexican Community located along the banks of the Rio Hondo.


The minors were allegedly lured to the river bank by a 13 year old girl who reportedly worked for a 19 year old Belizean man only identified as Ariel who lives in the community. Luckily the kidnapping was foiled after the parents of the minors went searching for them. The girls were allegedly to be brought to Belize.


The second report was aired last night. As we mentioned a 16 year old minor reported to Mexican Authorities in Felipe Carrillo Puerto that for the past seven months she has been in a relationship with a man identified as Miguel Angel Manzanero Cocom and all that she wanted was to come back home to Belize since she was being verbally and physically abused by Cocom. We understand that authorities were investigating the matter. And now to tonight’s report.

CTV3 News understands that 58 immigrants, 57 Hondurans and a minor from Belize were detained on Sunday by members of the National Institute of Immigration in the city of Piedras Negras Coahuila. The group was detained on Sunday night as they were walking towards the second International Bridge that joins Mexico and the United States.


The group arrived at the border by train and authorities suspect that they were heading to the U.S.  Of the group, 35 are under age from one year to 17 years and the remaining 23 are men and women who were trying to get to various locations in the United States, where they have relatives. We understand that 15 minors, who were traveling alone, were moved to Ciudad Acuña, Saltillo and Mexico City yesterday.

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