Screen_Shot_2014-05-07_at_7.49.49_PMSometime last year a group of concerned residents and business owners saw the need of uplifting Guadalupe Street and based on the necessity a group of them came together and formed the Guadalupe Street Improvement Project Committee.

After months of long hours of planning and discussion, the committee submitted a letter to the Ministry of Finance requesting that the General Sales Tax for the overall cost of the rehabilitation of Guadalupe Street be waived, which would ease the committee of an approximately$30,000.00.

According to Osmany Salas, member of the GSIP committee, the letter was submitted after the decision was made that Rodla Construction Company Ltd from Ladyville would be awarded the contract for the rehabilitation of the street. And today they received some good news.

Osmany Salas – Member GSIP

“The good news is that the Minister of Finance has  decided to waive GST from contract so that would save the project almost $30,000.00 so that is and so we still as a community and as a neighbourhood, we still have to work at raising the rest of the money, we have $30,000.00 less to raise now which is good but we have decided that we have to send request to different members of the private sector that actually benefit from the street and use the street and the Orange Walk Town Council has been supporting by allowing all the taxes from this street, property tax, liquor license, trade license to go into the fund for this street so we should know hopefully in a few days at what level the bank account for the project is because the committee is running the account so we should know in a couple days we have asked the Town Council to tell us what that is in terms of the taxes for the street that have been put into the account.”

Despite that the Orange Walk Town Council has assigned all property taxes, trade license and liquor license from the area into the committees account and the waving of the GST, the project would start earlier if residents would keep up with payments and if GOB would lend a financial helping hand.


Osmany Salas – Member GSIP

“We had hoped to get the support from government and we have also asked them to contribute to the fund we didn’t get any indication about them contributing to the fund other than waiving the GST so we will follow up and ask them so this GST waiver is like a little push and makes us more optimistic that this thing can work so I think you will see the committee being more active in the weeks to come.  We could have a better response, the taxes generated from this street in any given year is $20,000.00 and we noted that the arrears alone stand at another $20,000.00 so when I say the response could be better we mean for the residence to pay up their arrears and their due taxes and that would be a significant contribution so we will make this work.”

The committee has several options on the table in making this project a reality such as a low interest rate loan from a financial institute and fund raising.

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