NO_IMAGELand issues continue to surface and the latest report was made to the Corozal Police Station. Thirty-one year old Grisel Botes, a cosmetologist of Libertad Village in the Corozal District reported to authorities that between April third and June third 2014, she paid Elroy Bastarachea of Patchakan Village for lands located in the San Pedro Island, Belize District and Cayo District.


Botes says she paid a total of $23, 875 Belize dollars to Bastarachea whom she also claims is a friend she has known for the last ten years. Botes adds that she made the transactions after Bastarachea told her he worked at the Lands Department and was told that she would have her papers in order within one month from the first payment was made. t


That was on April third but up to date she says she has not received anything. An investigation was launched and authorities found out that Elroy Bastarachea has not been working on any papers and even worse, he cannot give account of the money he received. Police have in their possession several vouchers he signed for receiving the money. The thirty-two year old Belizean accountant has been detained for the crime of obtained property by deception and Corozal police continue to investigate the case.

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