Screen_Shot_2014-12-18_at_8.00.14_PMWhat should have been a start to the 2014-2015 Sugar Cane Crop season tomorrow, is now being prolonged a few more days as both entities have been unable to finalize the signing of the Agreement.  A reliable source to our newsroom is that the draft agreement sent to the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association is still being reviewed by the Associations’ lawyer. After thorough revision of that draft, it will be sent back to BSI/ASR for restructuring since a clause that was not agreed upon by the BSCFA was placed or sneaked in the final document. Officials at BSI/ASR have gone on record to state that once the agreement is signed, it only takes 3 days to get the crop started; meaning that the crop season should see a start on Monday that is if both parties can agree and finalize the agreement. We’ll keep our eyes on this developing story.

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