Screen_Shot_2015-01-27_at_8.15.00_PMThe crop saw a big launch on Monday and the company aimed at receiving six thousand tons of sugar cane for the first day. Deliveries started shortly after ten and stakeholders in the industry were quite content with the start of operations. Today, factory Manager John Gillett informed CTV-3 News in an interview that there is good news as the quality of the cane is impressively good.

John Gillett - Factory Manager

I would like to encourage the farmers to continue keep on delivering the good quality cane that they are delivering, so yesterday we were very impressed with the quality of cane that has been delivered and I think it is the first time on the first day of crop that we are seeing ton cane per ton sugar ration below ten and that is an indication that we will be having good cane quality this year and that the cane farmers continue doing what they have been doing.”


There is a projected one million fifty thousand tons of sugar cane to be delivered to the factory for this season. The largest of that is under the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association which accounts for some sixty-six percent of the total production.

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