Screen_Shot_2015-07-21_at_7.47.51_PMForeign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington wrapped up his visit to Mexico with the signing of eight agreements to strengthen bilateral judicial cooperation. According to reports from the Mexican press Elrington met on Monday with Mexican Foreign Relations Secretary Jose Antonio Meade, who thanked him for being the first Belizean Foreign Minister to make an official working visit to Mexico.

The agreements cover during Elrington’s visit covers air transportation; shipping; energy; social security; intellectual property and patents; climate change; wildlife conservation; and consumer protection. During the visit, Elrington was awarded the Order of the Aztec Eagle, while Meade received Belize's Order of Distinction. Elrington also participated in a seminar on Mexico-Belize relations attended by more than 250 students, officials and members of the diplomatic corps. The report ended stating that Mexico is Belize's number1 trading partner in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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