imagesThe Prime Minister himself has described the Lands Department as a hot bed of corruption and to date, despite several so called measures set in place, the same tune is being played as there is no doubt that the Ministry of Natural Resources continues to be a pain on the side for the Prime Minister.

Testament to that statement are the following documents we received recently showing the award of land deals to close friends of the Deputy Prime Minister.

Parcels 4303, 4304 and 4135 are located in this area just a few feet away from the Philip Goldson Highway. Because they are surrounded by large businesses, these parcels are considered to be in prime location so their market value is high.

But documents from the lands department show that Derrick Gillett, Roman Alvarez and Emir Cruz paid a very low price for their parcel of land.

For parcel 4303 Gillette paid a mere $800.00 and so did Cruz for parcel 4304. As for Alvarez he only paid $1,000 for parcel 4135. All three parcels are registered under block number four and while Gillett and Alvarez paid their purchase price on October 28th 2009, Cruz paid for his on the 8th of December 2009.

Of note is that the PUP, including Marco Tulio Mendez, had long planned to build a small market to serve that neighborhood and give space to itinerant vendors.  It is when Mayor Kevin Bernard took office and attempted to carry out this plan that he was informed that this was no longer Crown land, but had been sold to private individuals.

We will have more on this story in tomorrow’s newscast.

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