As you heard from Gaspar Vega, there are persons in the UDP that called for his full resignation, even from the House of Representatives. He said these were persons that did not like him. Well, we don’t know if Hon. Godwin Hulse is one of those people, but today when the media caught up with him outside the Court, where he was for a private matter, he expressed gross dismay at the idea of hustling from the public’s coffers through land compensation.

Screen_Shot_2016-11-08_at_8.06.28_PMHon. Godwin Hulse, Minister of Minister of Immigration, Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, the Environment and Sustainable Development

“When my former CEO said that in January we put a brakes in compensation and try to review I was the minister then and I was just in the month and I began to say what the heck is this I mean with all this compensation who did we get to this and then try to stop it first of all not pay anything else but get a complete analysis of who we owe and why we owe and even those mandated by the court a lot of them were mandated by the courts and I didn’t see it fair at all from my how I see it and how I think so for the very short term we had we didn’t approved any additional compensation and I don’t think the present minister is either until that whole matter is settle but to answer those compensations were old compensations that began to be paid and some people are waiting forever and I want to make this clear from where I sit then, now and I will sit in the future I don’t believe at all even if the court rule an I don’t want to step on the courts so I’ll be careful so I don’t believe that you get a piece of land for $4000.00 you do nothing to it then it is suggested that you got it in error and then it is valued by at commercial rates and then you are paid nearly a million dollars it just seem odd to me for me I would have given you back your $4000.00 with average interest from the time you pay your four thousand to now because I think that is all you deserve and I mean that and I will stand on that.”

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