On Friday’s House Sitting, PUP National Deputy Leader Hon. Cordel Hyde exposed what can only be described as a land grab bonanza by the family of the former Minister of natural resources, the already embattled Gaspar Vega. Hyde brought documents to the for which show that the Vegas have been acquiring huge tracts of land under very strange circumstances.

Screen_Shot_2016-12-12_at_8.09.38_PMHonourable Cordel Hyde - Lake Independence Are Representative

“It was assumable that only four years ago that he member from Orange Walk North and it’s a pity he is not here today told the world and country and said to Jules and he said I am not a normal person in Belize and we laughed, we laughed and we took him lightly but these folks are very serious folks. I have in my possession, Mr. Speaker, fifty land documents from inside the famous lands department, lands transaction that revealed a meticulously orchestrated move to get land from government pass it on to ordinary people who then flip it to the minister’s family, of the former minister’s family.”

Honourable Michael Peyrefitte – Speaker of the House of Representative

“I know what you’re saying, I just trying to, I don’t want to stifle you member but the rules are very clear, the rules are clear in the house member, you cannot speak on the conduct of another member or impute an improper motive without a motion to accomplish that.”

Honourable Cordel Hyde - Lake Independence Are Representative

“But Speaker this is real man, this is public record, this is the same thing that happened when PUP was in is happening now where documents are being leaked left, right and centre, the people of Belize need to know what is happening or what has happened, why is it that they can’t get a little lot, I am just stating for the record, that is all am doing, and if the minister did nothing wrong then so be it but all am saying is this; how is it that you end up with fifty lots adjacent to each other and all those persons that got those lots then turned around and flip them, is it that they don’t like land, is it that all those fifty person suddenly got sick or some misfortune or someone in the family got sick that they had to sale the land, that is some strange crazy coincidence that all fifty person from the north got the land,  paid $2400 to the government then turned around within weeks, within months and then flip that land to three Vegas, that is all am saying, that is all am saying. Fifty persons got these lands and some of the persons who got the land are some interesting persons and in one case Hilmar Alamilla, anybody knows him? That name doesn’t it sound familiar, Hilmar Alamilla, I don’t think he is a member of the house so we could talk about his for a few minutes, this gentleman, who is he? If you were in prison we would call him a trustee but in political parliament we will call him a henchman, we won’t say whose henchman and he gets benefits. The papers we have here says Hilmar is a residence of #2 Liberty Avenue in Orange Walk town, he got I think it was 91.85 acres of land for a small sum and I think he paid $3669.00 for this land, he got that on and that is block 4, Parcel 1582 and he got that on June 21st 2011 but five months later on November 23rd, 2011 he transferred the land to Marlene Roxanna Vega of #18 Clark Street, in consideration of $23000.00, that transferred was signed by Justice of the Peace Derrick Gillette, you know him too?”

Vega is already under heavy scrutiny for the major scandal involving his son Andre Vega and his collecting over $400,000 as compensation for land he acquired for only $15,000 from GOB. With Vega presiding over the Ministry, Prime Minister Dean Barrow was right when he described it as a hotbed of corruption.

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