Screen_Shot_2017-04-18_at_7.51.32_PMOver the weekend close to fifty thousand Belizeans from across the country packed their bags and other belongings and made their way across the border of Mexico along with their families to spend the long awaited Easter vacations.


During this time of year, it is of no surprise that popular destinations such as Chetumal, Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Mahajual to highlight a few, see a massive flow of Belizeans who flock to the different beaches for recreation.

Reports reaching our news room from the Immigration Department indicate that the arrival and departure of Belizeans between the 13th and 17th of April amounted to more than twenty thousand visitors each way. This calculates to a sum of forty three thousand seven hundred forty eight visitors altogether.

While this is a very large figure compared to the previous year, we understand that the data recorded, does not include border permits, day passes and manual checking of documents as a result of failure in the system for a moment.

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