Screen_Shot_2017-06-28_at_8.06.14_PMAfter 30 weeks of milling, the 2016-2017 sugar cane crop season will officially come to a close on Friday June 30th, the announcement was made today by the Sugar Industry Control Board and the Sugar Cane Production Committee. This decision was taken after a meeting among all stakeholders of the Sugar Industry on June 23rd.

Viewers may remember that back in November at the start of the season, there was major controversy between the Belize Cane Farmer’s Association and the mill on the proposed estimate for the quantity of Cane delivered to the Mill for the crop season. After much internal controversy the production estimate was maintained at 1.394 tons even after considering BSI’s milling capacity which remains at 1.3. Now while the final numbers have not yet been released, at the end of week 28, the total amount of cane milled by the factory was estimated at 1.238 tons, which remains significantly lower than last crop and well below the intended estimate of 1.394. Word is though, it is projected that this crop will be a good one since the TCTS level was excellent during most of the crop.  Up to last week the factory had produced one hundred and thirty nine thousand nine hundred and sixty two tons of sugar.

And though the exact figures for final cane payment to farmers have not been released for this crop season, the last price estimate which was released last month, was slated at $ 57.01.

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