Belize’s newest Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States (OAS), Daniel Gutierrez, presented his credentials to the Secretary General, Luis Almagro, earlier today during a special ceremony which was held at the OAS headquarters in Washington D.C. During his speech, Ambassador Gutierrez underlined Belize’s commitment to the OAS and the need to continue fortifying the OAS, so as to serve and respond to the needs of the people in the region. Here is a short excerpt of his speech.

Screen_Shot_2017-07-25_at_8.07.22_PMH.E. Daniel Gutierrez – Permanent Representative of Belize, OAS


“Belize is unflinching in its desire to contribute to the design of an OAS that withstands the test of time and galvanizes the support or our regional and hemispheric stakeholders in our very own corner of the Americas the OAS has proven its relevance by providing a mechanism by which neighbors can deal with border disputes in a manner that is congruent international law and order.”

And while Gutierrez has served the country in various fields and aspects, Secretary General Almagro is confident that Gutierrez will make significant contributions to the organization and stated, quote “Ambassador Gutierrez brings a rich experience to the OAS, for he has been a diplomat/government official, a business executive and an educator, all traits that will be beneficial to his new assignment as Belize’s Permanent Representative to the OAS” end of quote.

Almagro and the OAS is looking forward to Gutierrez’s participation in upcoming debates in the Councils of the Organization.

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