Last week Taiwan’s Ambassador to Belize H.E. Charles Liu addressed the controversy triggered by reports from the press in Guatemala that the Taiwan Government had offered their Government up to $680 million in support during a visit by Taiwan’s Foreign Minister David Lee.

The controversy is that Lee had been in Belize just day’s prior and had presented a $60 million financial assistance package to Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Ambassador Liu told the media that the amount didn’t sound right and that he didn’t believe the reports, but would look into it. Today, Ambassador Liu was in Corozal handing over some much needed equipment to the Corozal Hospital which we will tell you about in a few. But first here is what he told us when we took the opportunity to ask him what’s up with the reported big love for Guatemala, and he confirmed what he already suspected.

Screen_Shot_2017-08-14_at_8.23.00_PMAmbassador to Belize H.E. Charles Liu

“I did check with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taipei and the answer is lead, this is only the request, they asked from the Guatemala government and for the time being I think that the Taiwan faced a very tight situation so it’s by no means possible so it is possible for Taiwan to uphold such a big amount of money to Guatemala.”


“We understand that considering the geopolitics in the region putting that kind of information could be a misleading to the government?”

Ambassador to Belize H.E. Charles Liu

“Yes, I think so Guatemala they wat to show the support and the friendship from Taiwan but I thing so that everyone need a place so they want to just make big things of Taiwan donations to Guatemala and I think that in some aspect its good but in the other aspect is not so good but I can assure you my Belize friend that as long that am here I have to support you fully and the Belize government has my full support.”

According to the press in Guatemala, Taiwan has committed to providing the funding needed to extend a 4-lane freeway to Puerto Barrios. This road is the “cart-road” which the British had agreed to build for Guatemala in the 1859 Wyke–Aycinena Treaty, but which the British didn’t do. If you have been studying the Guatemala territorial claim, you will know that this forms a central part of Guatemala’s rational for pursuing their claim.

According to other reports, Taiwan plans to provide $250 million as a grant, and the remainder a soft loan to Guatemala.

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