Screen_Shot_2018-01-23_at_7.47.57_PMTwo weeks ago we told you about the construction taking place along a roundabout near the Santa Rita area of Corozal Town. As we reported, the project isn’t one being carried out by the Town Council, but rather by Area Representative Pablo Marin. We have also learnt that Marin’s idea is to do a tourism beautification project and he personally chose the location and the construction of a Mayan artefact on the site.

While we’ve noted the concerns by residents about the impact which the construction site will have on traffic visibility, there is a more serious concern regarding the utility of the project.

As we reported, the Local Tourism Committee set up for Corozal Town under the Ministry of Tourism has some reservations about the project, because firstly they were not consulted before any of the construction began and, secondly, the project nor design fall into the Sustainable Tourism Plan which they are guiding through for Corozal Town.

Minutes of a Committee meeting held on December 7th last year, obtained by CTV-3 News, underscores the disconnect in the planning and communication between the authorised Tourism authority, which is the Local Tourism Committee, and the area representative.

In those minutes, we noted that after being briefed on the construction, a member asked why a Jade Head was chosen for the site. But the area representative was not on hand to answer.

The Mayor was also questioned about the Council’s role, and he had to explain that they basically have no say in the project.

Residents may recall that several years ago, the roundabout had a small bust of Corozal’s first Mayor, Santiago Ricalde, but the site was removed for reconstruction but never placed back.

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