williamLast night we told you that the trial of William Danny Mason, the man accused of assassinating Pastor Llewelyn Lucas, finally saw a continuation after several interruptions following its initial commencement in March of this year. As we told you, the court was called into session shortly after midday yesterday with the commencement of a voir dire to determine whether a caution statement from one of the accused persons, reportedly containing a confession regarding the murder of Pastor Lucas, will be deemed as admissible in court. While the caution statement is vital to the case, the accused person alleges that it was taken from him under coercion.

And while we told you that the media was not granted access in the courtroom, tonight we can tell you that three witnesses were called to testify yesterday whereas, five witnesses provided testimonies this morning with an additional three more witnesses who were also expected to take the stand this afternoon. Nonetheless, the trial was adjourned until tomorrow morning following a minor injury sustained by one of the attorneys during lunch.

We understand that the voir dire is expected to conclude tomorrow.

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