On the 26th, 27th and 28th of April the Belize National Teachers Union will be holding their National Convention in Dangriga. While on the first two days teachers will participate in a cultural event and will be provided with an annual report, the third day will be the most interesting as teachers will elect their National President.

This year two candidates are running for the post - Luke Palacio from the Stann Creek District and Otilio Munoz, president of BNTU Orange Walk. Today we spoke to Munoz and asked him why he decided to step up to the plate.

munozOtilio Munoz- President BNTU Orange Walk

“I was nominated by two executive officers of my executive they believe that i have the potential and ability to represent the teacher of this nation as the national president, so I took the challenge and I know I am fit to do the right thing.”

Carmelita Perez – Reporting

“What made you want to step up to the plate?”

Otilio Munoz- President BNTU Orange Walk

“I believe that there are many issues that teachers face every day and that is one of my main things you know that I want to be part of that, you know, I want to fight for their issues social issues I mean it is not only looking at it as the teaching profession but there are other aspects that teachers need to be heard. I want to deal with issues of teachers, you know, the way how they are treated in this country, I believe that we the teachers are the most important working force of this country, because without us there will be not career, there will be no kind of professionals. There are issues for example collective bargaining; we have the salaries for the teacher mean we need to take care of our teachers. I am capable of negotiating as professional, but then sometimes there is a time you have to demand sometime it is just request, request you go through the protocol you go through the negotiation but I think you reach to a point that you need to demand from the government any government of the day.”

Again - the convention takes place from the 26 to the 28th of April with elections set to be held on the 28th.

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